Reebok X Atmos Instapump Fury (Triple White)

Reebok X Atmos Instapump Fury (Triple White)

This has easily become my most wanted silhouette without actually owning a pair, either the time, price or selling out has stopped me in the past however, even if I need to cop for resale, these have to be my summer trainers. 
Been an Atmos Collaboration you know the cotton used will be premium and soft, the shades of slightly pure and off white’s is a perfect contrast. It is very similar to the last link between Reebok and Atmos for the Instapump Fury, but this triple white affair is somewhat a piece of art.
Release starts today, so keep an eye out on local stockists.

SomethingSomething’s Top 10 Grime Radio Shows

Dizzee Rascal with Wiley in Bethnal Green, London, August 2002

In the past 6 months, Grime has seen a resurgence with old and new heads creating new content that is going down a storm. For me its not all gravy and with the risk of sounding like a purist, you can’t beat the old pre 2006 stuff, which is almost 10 years ago now.
So why do I have a problem with the new stuff you ask? It’s not so much the content but how its been perceived, from Facebook groups and dance’s i’ve seen a rise in the 16+ year old middle class thinking they are ‘road’ because they shouted ‘SHUTDOWN’ at Skepta’s recent publicity stunt in Shoreditch. Now as much as it may seem I’m slewing the fans here, although i think they are part to blame, I feel the grime now is so much watered down in terms of what used to happen, the radio shows, dances, the sheer rawness and how bad/simple some of the production was.
Now I know you’re shouting “duh, it’s progression’, but I think thats the problem, did grime ever need to progress? did it need to resurge? Granted my opinion is very bias, as I’ve already stated I prefer the old stuff, however before i start my countdown I won’t take away from those providing the same energy such as The Box lot and even Skepta.
These are in no particularly order, except number 1…Countdown after the jump.

10. Jammers Birthday Bash W/ Roll Deep & Nasty Crew – Deja Vu 92.3 – 05/01/04

9. DJ Slimzee W/ Wiley, Dizzee Rascal, Godsgift, Dirty Doogz & Dog-Z – Rinse FM – 24/11/02

8. DJ Tubby W/ Newham Generals, Dizzee Rascal & Escobar – Rinse FM – 29/01/06

7. DJ Maximum W/ BBK, Roll Deep, Ruff Sqwad, Meridan, Slew Dem, Nekkle Camp, Cold Blooded – Rinse FM – 25/12/05

6. DJ Cheeky W/ Wiley – Freeze FM – ??/??/??

5. Logan Sama W/ Riko Dan, Wiley, Skepta, Roachee, Scratchy, Flowdan, Manga, Footsie, Jammer, JME, Tinchy Stryder, Rapid, Slix, Maxwell D, Bruza & Faction G – Rinse FM – 22/04/05

4. DJ Maximum W/ Jammer, Skepta & Wiley – Rinse FM – 05

3. DJ Mac 10 W/ Kano & Ghetts – Deja Vu – 08/03/04

2. DJ Karnage W/ Ruff Sqwad & Rolldeep – Heat FM – 04

Now not technically a radio show, but for me the endless loop it seems to be on means it has to be No.1

1. DJ Slimzee W/ Wiley & Dizze Rascal Sidewinder Promo Mix – 02 https://www.mixcloud.com/widget/iframe/?embed_type=widget_standard&embed_uuid=11374513-e324-40a7-ae50-b4ea2ef7755f&feed=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.mixcloud.com%2Fgetdarker%2Fslimzee-wiley-dizzee-rascal-sidewinder-promo-mix-2002%2F&hide_cover=1&hide_tracklist=1&replace=0

Supreme X Larry Clark ‘Kids 20th Anniversary’

Supreme X Larry Clark 'Kids 20th Anniversary'

As ‘Kids’ reaches a milestone, Supreme is set to drop a collaboration which was teased in the SS15 lookbook. According to Larry Clark in a small interview about the film, the Supreme store was instrumental in getting most of the actors together and for the eagle eyed you can spot one of the first ‘Box Logo’s’ made in the fight scene.
The collection consists of 3 decks, 2 picture t-shirts, 1 picture long sleeve and a picture hoody. Ranging in colours give you a couple of options to weigh out, but for me I want to be picking up the ‘Blunt Deck’ and the ‘Blunt L/S’, not only are they my favourite items, but also my favourite scene in the film aswell, which makes this an easy cop.
Release is this Thursday, and will most likely sell out within a couple of minutes, so peep the collection below and see what you want before the drop.

What white trainers do you need to be wearing this summer?

It’s finally coming to what seems like forever in London and the weather is starting to getting a little bit warmer and raining less, which can only mean its time to bring out your white trainers without the fear of washing them every night.

Hears a couple of pairs I am championing this year.

1. Adidas Original X White Mountaineering Stan Smith
Adidas Originals Stan Smith X White Mountaineering

The classic and last years sneaker of choice, After Adidas introduced the Stan Smith you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing a pair, and for good reason. The silhouette complements so many outfits and the comfort levels mean you could wear these all day without a blink. As most of the population turn to grab their Superstar’s out, I will be keeping my Stan Smith’s and looking to add to my collection with this iced out White Mountaineering pair.

2. Adidas Consortium Rod Laver Vintage Python White
Adidas Consortium Rod Laver Vintage Python White

Probably one of the most underrated Adidas models there is, The Rod Laver has a certain class not even the Stan Smith’s carry. With little to no branding the trainer is almost on par with the likes of common projects but without the premium materials (And the Adidas has a better shape) and price tag. For me this new Consortium release is perfect for a very easy look but also shows you know the Stan Smith and Superstar or not the only Adidas.

3. Nike Sock Dart ‘Triple White’
Nike Sock Dart (Triple White)

I first come across these some time early last year, and someone was wearing the original release of the Sock Dart from 2004 (which looks 10x better), a short while after the new model was announced and the hype train began. Now since the first colour way of the new model released, Nike has been pumping these out faster then Huarache colour ways which is understandable as its been the only decent new model from Nike for a minute now, however I can’t help but thinking that this in the triple white colour way is one of the best out there for this years summer.

4. Nike Rift ‘Triple White’
Nike Rift (Triple White)

The Nike Rift, hated by many, loved by the minority, the iconic ‘split toe’ design was inspired by the bare foot runners in Kenya and for me is a great move by Nike to re-introduce them. When I was growing up my dad had multiple pairs including an olive pair and a duck egg blue pair (which is am struggling to find any info on) and once I was a big enough size we even had matching denim pairs. I for one will be definitely re-buying a pair or two this season, and despite the poor suntan your foot gets, the pro’s outweigh the con’s here.

5. Puma Disc Blaze ‘Total White’
Puma Disc Blaze (Total White)

Probably my most wore silhouette throughout threw the winter months, due to sheer comfort and the fact i could pair them with making a statement at any time. I really have nothing else to say other then this for me, despite the other 4 trainers this, is the summer essential. 

Minimized Music Records

Minimized Music Records

After posting about Blawan’s new label ‘TERNESC’ a couple of days ago, I found myself searching for something with a little bit more soul and originality from somewhere other then the european techno city, after a quick search I stumbled across Minimised Music Records which instantly drew me in.


Hailing from Sevilla, Spain, Minimized has gathered quite a rooster and describe there approach and focuses to Techno, Dub, Deep and experimental sounds. The net label has been releasing free EPs (now paid for) since January 2013, and with 6 releases now in the discography the label is really starting to build a library of good, varied material from from a range of new Spanish producers.


The latest release comes from label veteran, 1101. After appearing on most of the V/A EP’s, 1101 releases a solo EP. The stripped back, spacey techno has a certain elegance to it and could easily be at home pumping threw the veins of Berlin with sunny Spain not in sight or thought.
The label hopefully pushes on and keeps releasing some great music (Some psychical releases would be excellent) and becomes a substantial platform the all the artists involved, go check them out, buy some music and like their shit.



Nuits Sonores 13th – 17th May 2015 @ Lyon, France

It’s very rare I post an event outside the walls of London, especially if i’m not going but the line up and the fact that Lyon will more then likely be so nice and that time of year, it’s worth posting if anyone out there reading can and will make it out.
Taking over the city of Lyon for 5 days and 5 nights, Nuits = promises great vibes and atmosphere, which it has produced for the past 13 years. Supporting independent electronic music and the arts means that if you are reading this blog and enjoy the electronic music I post the chances are that everyone you wish to see or hear will be there.
Now I’m not to certain and how the ticket system is worked, due to been quite a few options, however the link to buy tickets is below along with a few words from the founders.

Nuits Sonores : Tickets

Nuits Sonores is a French festival entirely dedicated to electronic, independent, visual and digital cultures where music, design, graphic arts and architecture are intimately connected. Each year, the festival transforms about 40 locations across the city.

Since the festival’s beginnings, over 250 locations in Lyon have been used and redesigned including art galleries, industrial wastelands, rooftops and even swimming pools. This has always encouraged the public to explore and discover the festival by foot, bike or using public transport. Nuits Sonores aims to decode past, present and future innovative cultures. This unique and curious mind-set brings together headliners and rising talent, popular music and niche music from local, national and international scenes.

For 13 years now, the festival has transformed Lyon into a free-spirited city for five days and five nights. It becomes a giant playground for those who love and share this culture and spirit of top-quality music, curiosity and new encounters.

Supreme X The North Face SS15

Supreme X The North Face SS15

Something you cans always guarantee is that they will always be a Supreme and The North Face collaboration and this SS is know different. After various leaks hinted at a denim collection, most of the Facebook groups and forums, dismissed and called the alleged photoshops disgusting. However after the full denim collection has been revealed, fans are quick to change there opinions or offer up their unrivalled proxy service.
In addition the the denim side of things and coming 3 weeks later is a range of water resistant packable coach jackets. For me these are the stand out pieces of the collection with the navy and red pieces really popping and are perfect for these cold sunny days.
The denim side of things will be available this Thursday (23rd April) and the coaches will be available 3 weeks later (14th May), these without a doubt will sell out fast and the queue outside store will innevitably start Wednesday afternoon. check the whole preview and cookbook below.

Supreme X Stone Island SS15

Stone Island X Supreme SS15 Pullover

In what seems like a monumental fuck up, Stone island put the, not yet confirmed collaboration with Supreme up for sale on EU stores.
We had seen leaks of the hats, but apart from that, nothing was confirmed. All the items have currently sold out so if you want anything you will have to wait for an official release, but I imagine that those orders made will be met with cancellation emails. 
The collection consists of 2 pullovers, 3 long sleeves and 2 hats, personally I’m feeling the long sleeves apart from the bogo stuck in the middle of the back and will try and pick a hat up if the shape is shallower then what it looks on the pictures. At a pluck at thin air, i would take a guess these will be out next week or the beginning of next month, so keep em peeled on your emails and take a preview of the collection on SlamxHype below.

Stone Island X Supreme SS15

TOTW – 26/03/15

I’m not going to lie, I have no idea who Jammin Gerald or Houze Mon, but I do know DJ Deeon had something to do with the production, it came from the same powerhouse that gave us Dance Mania and the label artwork is fantastic.

Supreme X Undercover SS15

Supreme X Undercover SS15

After the long rumours and blurry scans from magazines, the email finally got sent out today giving us a full look of the upcoming Supreme X Undercover collab. 
The collection ranges from leather jackets all the way to pillows, with a classic selection of tee’s, Trench’s, crew’s, hoodies and hooded plaid’s filling the gap, oh and not forgetting the bondage pant. Expect this stuff to sell out instantly, with the best chance of copping either grabbing a sleeping bag and heading to the store or paying for a proxy.
Personally I would be picking up the 4 T-shirts and the blue Perfecto leather jacket, which I have been drooling over since the original leak. Take a look at the lookbook below and get ready for release on the 26th March, in-store and online.

Supreme X Undercover SS15

PS. If anyone can point me in the direction of a similar coloured/style leather jacket, that would be fantastic…

NikeLab X Sacai AM90

The AM90 is celebrating it’s 25th birthday this year and we expecting some amazing collaborations and colour-ways following this. The first collaboration of the year is with Japanese brand ‘Sacai’, the whole collection is women’s and features mostly standard Nike pieces with a little twist, fit or material, which is exactly what we have with the AM90.
A classic silhouette, and an iconic trainer like you’ve never seen before, the Sacai collab morphs the shoe into a uni-bodied type leather skin, but not like previous hyper-fuse or JCQ releases. The materials look high quality and I think the main point on the shoe, is the fact it’s laceless. Personally I wasn’t enjoying the shoe at first, but after weeks of looking and thinking of what it could go with, I am fully sold and hoping the shoe will reach a couple of the smaller man sizes.
The shoe was set to release today, however after keeping a close eye on Nike, they either sold out when I blinked, or indeed will be coming soon. Keep an eye on your usual points of call to see if they will be releasing.
The shoe comes in Wolf Grey, Volt & Obsidian (Which is the only colour i’m interested in).

NikeLab X Sacai AM90

Azizi Gibson – Pae-Ki Ft. Keith Ape

Azizi Gibson - Pae-ki Ft. Keith Ape

After Korean rapper Keith Ape blew up onto the scene at the beginning of the year, with ‘It G Ma’ going somewhat viral, he’s back with Brainfeeder’s Azizi Gibson.
Totally different from what you might be expecting from a coupling of these 2, as they generally can be quite energetic, however it seems both have toned it down and created a fantastic trippy, underwater track. On production duties is Kamandi, who has worked quite a bit with Azizi, and provides a perfect base for these to two to showcase the collaboration.
No word on release or if this is part of a bigger project, for now though, get all your listens on the soundcloud stream below and let us know what you think.

Lacoste L!ve X A Bathing Ape


2 Iconic Animal Badges come together on this collaboration, giving us staple pieces from both brands and applying a slight twist. The collection consists of 2 polo’s, which I feel needed to be added with Lacoste’s involvement, a Shark ‘Croc’ Hoodie, which again this would of been the most obvious piece to collab on, sweatpants, a couple of tee’s, 5 panel hat and finishing up with a bucket hat. 
The collection isn’t so big, but will only be available in limited numbers at select japan locations, once again meaning the western world misses out, unless you have a Japanese connect. 
The Collection is set to drop March 28th in official A Bathing Ape stores and Lacoste L!ve dealers in japan. Peep the full collection after the link. 

Lacoste L!ve X A Bathing Ape Collection

Black Atlantic Presents The Trilogy Tapes W/ Rezzett, Beatrice Dillon & Will Bankhead @ Cafe Oto : 26/03/15

Black Atlantic Presents The Trilogy Tapes W/ Rezzett, Beatrice Dillion & Will Bankhead @ Cafe Oto

Black Atlantic has teamed up with the ever prolific Trilogy Tapes and put on this one off night at the Dalston space, Cafe Oto. 
With live sets from Rezzett and Beatrice Dillon expect the weird and wonderful and indulge yourself in vast immersive soundscape, if you you followed the releases of these two especially, I dare say they released some of the most interesting and best dance music of the last year, so personally I can’t wait to see what is in store. 
Taking over DJ duties for the night will be label owner, Will Bankhead, which is always a joy considering how long in the business he has been, the tune selection is on another level and his sets always go down a treat with us.
You can grab tickets from RA for the event tthrough the link below, and ill sign off with some videos and a couple of words from the promoters.

No sitting around, chin stroking at this one either. Dancing shoes advised.

Freddie Gibbs – Pronto [EP Stream]

Freddie Gibbs - Pronto

Ever since ‘Piñata’, Freddie Gibbs has been on the top of my list for a number of reasons, and everything he releases to be quite frank is just on point. 
Pronto is no different, Perfect production’s and Gangsta Gibbs flowing everything in his gritty manor to desvestaing effects, it’s hard not to put one of tracks on and not spark up and bump it as loud as the speakers can cope, and for this reason, that’s why Freddie is the undisputed king at the moment. 
Pronto is available to stream below and will release 10th of March. As a vinyl collector aswell I’m hoping this will see its way to 12″ some point in the future.