Converse Chuck Modern Lux

Converse Chuck Modern Lux
As someone who is not keen on the idea of wearing a pair of converse, and generally not liking the whole look, these stick out in the best way possible.

Will be keeping my eye out for these in both colourways as wardrobe essentials.

KITH & BLENDS : 090217


Reebok X Vetements

Continuing on from a solid run of collabs, Reebok & Vetements have unveiled a new, worn looking silhouette. In the mist of chunky soles and pre loved aesthetics à la Golden goose, this is not only right on trend but is pushing the look forward and resembles the likes of the latest Balenciaga runner shown for FW17.

These are a must purchase for me.




Featured in WIW191016, the Nike Air Vapourmax is set for release with new photos of a flyknit model emerging. Featuring a brand new midsole and sole, the Vapourmax is something different to hit the market and personally I can see these dominating street snaps once they release. I will be trying to pick up the Black CDG collab when they release, but with alot of talk about they may be harder to pick up then expected. Release date is below, will update with prices and stockists.

Release Date : 160317

SomethingSomething’s Top 10 Air Max

Air Max Day 26/03/15

Today is ‘Air Max Day’ and unless you’ve had the blinkers on, Nike have been doing everything and anything to make sure you wear and represent your beloved Air Max.
With the day gradually becoming more of a thing as the years go on, we go on a quest to place our top 10 Air Max. Now this is no easy feat as i’d be lying if I said I knew every Air Max out there, so in attempt to find some of the rare and wonderful, I will be posting one trainer a day.
Start the countdown after the link and if you have different opinions or think we have over looked a trainer, let me know!

10.  Nike Air Max Plus ‘Hyper Blue’

Coming from the north of England, the TN was a huge trainer when i was growing up. It was the most expensive Air Max you could buy at the time, and they went great with your Adidas track bottoms and matching TN hat. As the ‘chav’ phase seems to now have some closure the great silhouette has finally got some of the recognition it deserves with re-releases of some of the best colour-ways and been spotted on the feet by the likes of Drake. Drake or no Drake, the TN is a classic and here is my favourite colour-way.

Nike Air Max Plus 'Hyper Blue'
9.  Nike Air Max 95 ‘Neon Green’

Again, a staple trainer in the Air Max family, and it would be a crying shame to put anything else in a top 10 except the original colour way. I remember my parents rocking matching ‘Neon Green’ and ‘Neon Yellows’ of these and remembering how great they looked, and looked like nothing else on the market.

Nike Air Max 95 'Neon Green'
8. Nike Air Max 97 ‘Jacquard Rio’

Still sore about missing these the first time round and refusing to pay resale prices, but this is up there for my one of my favourite recent releases. The 97 is a great model, and i believe is over shadowed by the earlier trainers, not only does the shape look fantastic, but the rio colour-way is one of the best.

Nike Air Max 97 'Jacquard Rio'
7. Nike Air Max 1 ‘Patta Collection’

Moving straight into the collaborations, this is not just one shoe, but a small, sought after collection. It’s probably one of the Air Max 1’s best collection, and with that in mind you may be thinking why only 7th place then? I mean the shape of the trainers is some of the best AM1’s around, the colour ways and materials are something else and the inclusion of the mini tick on 2 really sets them off. However after following various ‘sneaker groups’ and websites, I’m actually quite fed up of seeing these pop up as ‘grails’ or edging number 1 in a top 10 list, when there is actually much better trainers out there. However, here they are at number 7.

Nike Air Max 1 'Patta Collection'

6. Nike Air Max 90 ‘Jacquard Green/Blue’

Probably not a popular choice, but number 6 is a GR a one of my favourites if I do say. I’ve had a pair of these since release, the quality is fantastic, the shape and feel of the shoe is spot on and the colour way sits perfectly. I feel everyone is always too bothered about how limited or who the collab is with and generally miss the fact that nice sneakers don’t have to fit the stereotype.

Nike Air Max 90 'Jacquard Green/Blue'

5. Nike Air Max 1 ‘Ben Drury – Hold Tight’

One i hope to pick up one day, the ‘Hold Tight’ is a perfect example of a good collaboration. It came out in 2006 to celebrate the Air Max 1 15th birthday, and takes cues from inspiration and its surroundings, which i think really sets the collab apart from these so called collabs which just throw someone’s name on and just use ‘premium materials’. Also a nod to pirate radio, which has made a huge impression on me and what i listen to.
Nike Air Max 1 'Ben Drury -  Hold Tight'

4. Nike Air Max 90 ‘Dizzee Rascal/Ben Drury – Tongue & Cheek’

Again, another great collaboration with some really nice details referencing dizzee and obviously promoting his album at the time. As with the entry above, brit designer Ben drury has helped along the shoe and really give it a nice finish, the colour way with the contrasting ‘tongue’ looking tongue . Again one i hope to pick up soon, a great shoe and not seen very often at all.

Nike Air Max 90 'Dizzee Rascal/Ben Drury - Tongue & Cheek'

3. Atmos X Nike Air Max 1 ‘Tiger Camo’

For me Atmos have released some of the most forward-thinking colour ways and have the biggest range of sought after collaborations, there’s now room for them all, but here is one of my recent favourites, and a shoe I’m still looking for.

Atmos X Nike Air Max 1 'Tiger Camo'

2. Nike Air Max BW ‘France Country Camo’

A great collection for Nike and very rarely seen been worn or for sale, which can only be a good thing. The BW is a classic silhouette and one I remember as a kid, not many people wore 90’s or 1’s, it was more BW’s and 95’s. The model has rarely seen any love from nike or collaborators, so this is really a homage to the best BW colour-way of recent times.

Nike Air Max BW 'France Country Camo'

1. Atmos X Nike Air Max 90 ‘Duck Camo’

I don’t really have anything to say about this, ever since release i have drooled over every pair I’ve seen been worn, for sale or in pictures. The use of the camo is fantastic and contrasts perfectly with the infrared highlights, a truly classic AM90 and one that will be forever in demand with collectors.

Atmos X Nike Air Max 90 'Duck Camo'

As we conclude on the ‘Duck Camo’ watch out for future top 10s.