Converse Chuck Modern Lux

Converse Chuck Modern Lux
As someone who is not keen on the idea of wearing a pair of converse, and generally not liking the whole look, these stick out in the best way possible.

Will be keeping my eye out for these in both colourways as wardrobe essentials.

KITH & BLENDS : 090217


Reebok X Vetements

Continuing on from a solid run of collabs, Reebok & Vetements have unveiled a new, worn looking silhouette. In the mist of chunky soles and pre loved aesthetics à la Golden goose, this is not only right on trend but is pushing the look forward and resembles the likes of the latest Balenciaga runner shown for FW17.

These are a must purchase for me.




Featured in WIW191016, the Nike Air Vapourmax is set for release with new photos of a flyknit model emerging. Featuring a brand new midsole and sole, the Vapourmax is something different to hit the market and personally I can see these dominating street snaps once they release. I will be trying to pick up the Black CDG collab when they release, but with alot of talk about they may be harder to pick up then expected. Release date is below, will update with prices and stockists.

Release Date : 160317

Red Bull Studios Paris Session : Pépé Bradock

Red Bull Studios Paris Session : Pepe Bradock

A real treat from the team over at Red Bull and Pépé Bradock, as it stands Pépé is easily in my top 3 house producers, and for good reason. Anytime the sun is out or you’re just in the mood to groove to yourself, his music is always perfect for the occasion and this free EP is no different. I’m sure it will be in full rotation if the weather stops as it was today (Sunny for those not in LDN).
Grab the download below, press play, turn it up and flex.

Diz & Young Philip – BUKKAKE EP

Diz & Young Philip - BUKKAKE EP

I first posted a couple of months ago about the mysterious Japanese artist which I was feeling, it was caught up in-between the mist of ‘It G ma’ and had lo-fi styles that are comparable to Lil B and Yung Lean.
After communicating the best I could on Twitter (Thanks Google Translate) I told him to hit me up when the new stuff dropped, and long behold, 2 months later, the inboxes dinged with new material I dare say even rawer then the first EP.
The production is some vague trap, grime, hip-hop descendent which works perfectly with the grainy vocals and the rapping style, again I can’t understand the lyrics but I feel the voices them self act as instruments and I don’t think its essential for me to understand the lyrics, maybe one day ill learn Japanese…
On the tracks also features Young Philip, before this I’d never heard of him but after a bit of searching found his soundcloud and recommend listening threw the material thats on there, he could hit me up if he reads this. Other then that you can grab the EP entitled BUKKAKE below for free.

Diz & Young Philip – BUKKAKE EP

Diz Soundcloud
Young Philip Soundcloud

Also check out Diz’z latest free download on his soundcloud.

Saucony ‘Scoop Pack’ Mint Choc Chip G9 Shadow 6 Teaser

Saucony G9 Shadow 6 'Scoop Pack - Mint Choc Chip'

Fresh off the heels from their ‘High Roller’ pack, Saucony are keen to bring another limited pack to the table which will no doubt create some hype between the sneaker heads.
Saucony for me are the only ones bringing original ideas and colour ways to the table without leaving it up-to thoughtless collaborators and massive names to bring in the hype, it’s really something that seems to be missing in other trainer houses, which is just a general sense of design.
However, the first to be teased from the pack of 2 is a Mint Chocolate Chip inspired G9 Shadow 6, which looks like the perfect summer shoe. The materials look fantastic and the attention to detail, such as the insole really make this worth any hype it may gain.
No release news as of yet, but keep them peeled for the other trainer in the pack to be teased which hopefully will come with a release date.

TERNESC – Warm Tonal Touch EP // TESC001

TERNESC - Warm Tonal Touch EP

After a long solo break, and not releasing much under any name as of recent, Blawan has took it upon himself to start his own label which will mainly be focussing on the releasing of his own solo material.
Described ‘From South Yorkshire to Berlin’, I can’t help but think the label could come off as a bit of a gimmick, and the preview for first release does’nt really help. Up for release on the 12th of May ‘Warm Tonal Touch’ is the first solo work we’ve heard from Blawan since 2012, since then his list of collaborators has increased massively and his style twisted and altered so much that his name attached to those early Hessle releases becomes somewhat confusing. As an avid fan of the old and new stuff Blawan has produced, including his live and DJ sets I can’t help but feeling this is a little stale, it sounds a lot like other stuff been released, and now losing its rough and ready South Yorkshire tagline, and been branded as a Berlin power house, I can see the music losing its dynamic and imaginative approach it once head, and becoming lost in the techno train that revolves around 1 city and its selection of super clubs.
Make up your own mind and feel free to ignore my opinion and stream the forthcoming release below.

Curren$y – Pilot Talk 3

Curren$y - Pilot Talk 3

From listening to nothing except ‘The Drive-in theatre’ and ‘Saturday Night Car Tunes’ for a minute, i couldn’t be happier that new Curren$y has finally come to see a release.
However, as excited as I was, I did some digging on Datpiff (Previously were other releases released) and kept coming across a dead link, to were the mixtape once was. After a quick google it was there in all its glory ready to stream and download straight from Curren$y with no Datpiff host shouting over it, however, if you are wanting to get your hands on a physical copy someone in the Curren$y camp thought it would be a fantastic idea to release the album via USB that would indeed set you back $100.
Now i am all for supporting the artist and buying into ‘limited’ gimmicks and paying a little extra for shit you’ll never use but just hope that one day it becomes higher in resale, but having to pay $100 for a jet fighter shaped USB (Complete with unseen vids…), a LS top that looks like a JD Sports Adidas sale item and a lookbook which seems to consist of nothing but pictures of Curren$y posing next to low riders, is absolutely scandalous.
If the release was made onto vinyl, in a pack featuring the other 2 mix-tapes and they wanted to charge around $60-$80, that would be perfect, but in a world were everything is limited and bumping the price up in a vain hope to create some hype and some sort of crazy sell out like the likes of Supreme see, it really is just a waste of time and effort that has gone in to the project.  I hope someone from the Curren$y camp reads this and supplies one with the ultimate vinyl pack or a tiny jet fighter so i can listen to the release and tell everyone how great it is…
Despite my annoyance, the album is great and is available to stream and download below, or if you want to drop 100bills, the pre-order link is below.

Curren$y – Pilot Talk 3 (Pre-Order)

Earl Sweatshirt – Grief

Earl Sweatshirt - I Don't Like Shit I Don't Go Outside 'An Album By Earl Sweatshirt'

Quite a few releases this morning, including new collabs and bits from forthcoming albums. This bit is forthcoming from Earl’s new album ‘I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Out’ which was apparently not meant to be revealed yet, but the record company slipped up and it ended up on iTunes for pre-order.
From that a new track surfaced from the album entitled ‘Grief’, only a leak at the moment and the quality isn’t fantastic, but its sounding heavy, great production and Earl sounding as lost and cynical as ever.
Looking forward to the album which is set to release on the 23rd March, hopefully we will see a vinyl release as well.
Also its with noting he’s playing a couple of gigs in the summer, so if you’re in London hit the link below to grab some tickets for that.

Earl Sweatshirt @ O2 Sheperds Bush