What white trainers do you need to be wearing this summer?

It’s finally coming to what seems like forever in London and the weather is starting to getting a little bit warmer and raining less, which can only mean its time to bring out your white trainers without the fear of washing them every night.

Hears a couple of pairs I am championing this year.

1. Adidas Original X White Mountaineering Stan Smith
Adidas Originals Stan Smith X White Mountaineering

The classic and last years sneaker of choice, After Adidas introduced the Stan Smith you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing a pair, and for good reason. The silhouette complements so many outfits and the comfort levels mean you could wear these all day without a blink. As most of the population turn to grab their Superstar’s out, I will be keeping my Stan Smith’s and looking to add to my collection with this iced out White Mountaineering pair.

2. Adidas Consortium Rod Laver Vintage Python White
Adidas Consortium Rod Laver Vintage Python White

Probably one of the most underrated Adidas models there is, The Rod Laver has a certain class not even the Stan Smith’s carry. With little to no branding the trainer is almost on par with the likes of common projects but without the premium materials (And the Adidas has a better shape) and price tag. For me this new Consortium release is perfect for a very easy look but also shows you know the Stan Smith and Superstar or not the only Adidas.

3. Nike Sock Dart ‘Triple White’
Nike Sock Dart (Triple White)

I first come across these some time early last year, and someone was wearing the original release of the Sock Dart from 2004 (which looks 10x better), a short while after the new model was announced and the hype train began. Now since the first colour way of the new model released, Nike has been pumping these out faster then Huarache colour ways which is understandable as its been the only decent new model from Nike for a minute now, however I can’t help but thinking that this in the triple white colour way is one of the best out there for this years summer.

4. Nike Rift ‘Triple White’
Nike Rift (Triple White)

The Nike Rift, hated by many, loved by the minority, the iconic ‘split toe’ design was inspired by the bare foot runners in Kenya and for me is a great move by Nike to re-introduce them. When I was growing up my dad had multiple pairs including an olive pair and a duck egg blue pair (which is am struggling to find any info on) and once I was a big enough size we even had matching denim pairs. I for one will be definitely re-buying a pair or two this season, and despite the poor suntan your foot gets, the pro’s outweigh the con’s here.

5. Puma Disc Blaze ‘Total White’
Puma Disc Blaze (Total White)

Probably my most wore silhouette throughout threw the winter months, due to sheer comfort and the fact i could pair them with making a statement at any time. I really have nothing else to say other then this for me, despite the other 4 trainers this, is the summer essential. 

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