Minimized Music Records

Minimized Music Records

After posting about Blawan’s new label ‘TERNESC’ a couple of days ago, I found myself searching for something with a little bit more soul and originality from somewhere other then the european techno city, after a quick search I stumbled across Minimised Music Records which instantly drew me in.

Hailing from Sevilla, Spain, Minimized has gathered quite a rooster and describe there approach and focuses to Techno, Dub, Deep and experimental sounds. The net label has been releasing free EPs (now paid for) since January 2013, and with 6 releases now in the discography the label is really starting to build a library of good, varied material from from a range of new Spanish producers.

The latest release comes from label veteran, 1101. After appearing on most of the V/A EP’s, 1101 releases a solo EP. The stripped back, spacey techno has a certain elegance to it and could easily be at home pumping threw the veins of Berlin with sunny Spain not in sight or thought.
The label hopefully pushes on and keeps releasing some great music (Some psychical releases would be excellent) and becomes a substantial platform the all the artists involved, go check them out, buy some music and like their shit.



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