Saucony ‘Scoop Pack’ Mint Choc Chip G9 Shadow 6 Teaser

Saucony G9 Shadow 6 'Scoop Pack - Mint Choc Chip'

Fresh off the heels from their ‘High Roller’ pack, Saucony are keen to bring another limited pack to the table which will no doubt create some hype between the sneaker heads.
Saucony for me are the only ones bringing original ideas and colour ways to the table without leaving it up-to thoughtless collaborators and massive names to bring in the hype, it’s really something that seems to be missing in other trainer houses, which is just a general sense of design.
However, the first to be teased from the pack of 2 is a Mint Chocolate Chip inspired G9 Shadow 6, which looks like the perfect summer shoe. The materials look fantastic and the attention to detail, such as the insole really make this worth any hype it may gain.
No release news as of yet, but keep them peeled for the other trainer in the pack to be teased which hopefully will come with a release date.

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