TERNESC – Warm Tonal Touch EP // TESC001

TERNESC - Warm Tonal Touch EP

After a long solo break, and not releasing much under any name as of recent, Blawan has took it upon himself to start his own label which will mainly be focussing on the releasing of his own solo material.
Described ‘From South Yorkshire to Berlin’, I can’t help but think the label could come off as a bit of a gimmick, and the preview for first release does’nt really help. Up for release on the 12th of May ‘Warm Tonal Touch’ is the first solo work we’ve heard from Blawan since 2012, since then his list of collaborators has increased massively and his style twisted and altered so much that his name attached to those early Hessle releases becomes somewhat confusing. As an avid fan of the old and new stuff Blawan has produced, including his live and DJ sets I can’t help but feeling this is a little stale, it sounds a lot like other stuff been released, and now losing its rough and ready South Yorkshire tagline, and been branded as a Berlin power house, I can see the music losing its dynamic and imaginative approach it once head, and becoming lost in the techno train that revolves around 1 city and its selection of super clubs.
Make up your own mind and feel free to ignore my opinion and stream the forthcoming release below.


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