Curren$y – Pilot Talk 3

Curren$y - Pilot Talk 3

From listening to nothing except ‘The Drive-in theatre’ and ‘Saturday Night Car Tunes’ for a minute, i couldn’t be happier that new Curren$y has finally come to see a release.
However, as excited as I was, I did some digging on Datpiff (Previously were other releases released) and kept coming across a dead link, to were the mixtape once was. After a quick google it was there in all its glory ready to stream and download straight from Curren$y with no Datpiff host shouting over it, however, if you are wanting to get your hands on a physical copy someone in the Curren$y camp thought it would be a fantastic idea to release the album via USB that would indeed set you back $100.
Now i am all for supporting the artist and buying into ‘limited’ gimmicks and paying a little extra for shit you’ll never use but just hope that one day it becomes higher in resale, but having to pay $100 for a jet fighter shaped USB (Complete with unseen vids…), a LS top that looks like a JD Sports Adidas sale item and a lookbook which seems to consist of nothing but pictures of Curren$y posing next to low riders, is absolutely scandalous.
If the release was made onto vinyl, in a pack featuring the other 2 mix-tapes and they wanted to charge around $60-$80, that would be perfect, but in a world were everything is limited and bumping the price up in a vain hope to create some hype and some sort of crazy sell out like the likes of Supreme see, it really is just a waste of time and effort that has gone in to the project.  I hope someone from the Curren$y camp reads this and supplies one with the ultimate vinyl pack or a tiny jet fighter so i can listen to the release and tell everyone how great it is…
Despite my annoyance, the album is great and is available to stream and download below, or if you want to drop 100bills, the pre-order link is below.

Curren$y – Pilot Talk 3 (Pre-Order)


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