Pearson Sound – Pearson Sound [LP Stream]

Pearson Sound LP

After god knows how many releases, with most of them been essential to any personal or DJ collection, David Kennedy AKA Ramadanman AKA Pearson Sound has finally graced us with an LP. Not only is this a first for Pearson, but also a first for Hessle releasing a artist album, hopefully the first of many?
Anyhow, don’t expect club bangers, this is a grown up piece of music, taking notes from what the Hessle guys normally play on the Rinse, the LP is alot more avant-garde, i guess alot more like the last release which we had from Pearson which was ‘Raindrops’. Don’t let this effect the first listen threw however, the album is floorless, such a range of ambient field recordings to to industrial almost robot like electronic music, the space between all the productions almost makes me feel like i’m listening to Mala if he was a Berliner and made techno.
I’m not going to waffle on about how fantastic the record is and how everything Hessle release is gold, as i feel the record has not necessarily been made to split opinion, but it most certainly will. I suggest listening to the the stream in it’s entirety and making you’re own judgement. The record and CD actually came out today aswell, so below are some links buy. 

Pearson Sound – Pearson Sound [Stream]



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