Alternate Boiler Room Top 10

Recently the guys at Boiler Room took over I-D and curated a top 10 list. After seeing the list i personally would of only put 2 of the streams in the top 10 (Ruff Sqwad & Ben UFO) so i decided to come up with my own top 10.

Click the link below to see what i believe a place in the top 10 in no particular order.

1.Ben UFO b2b Jackmaster b2b Oneman 3 hour Boiler Room 1st Birthday DJ Set 
For me this is one of the best, 3 of the best ‘djs’ of the time, Asbo going in and Thristian losing control when the Prince – Pinch mix comes. This is one to remember.
2.Bok Bok b2b L vis 1990 Boiler Room DJ Set 
Merging so many genres to create the perfect energy, Night Slugs have never seemed to disappoint me and this is a perfect example.
Can’t seem to find the video for this one however there is audio. I think i might be right in thinking it was one of the first New York sessions (Correct me if I’m wrong) and it was the first time i’d heard Children Of The Night, ever since i’ve been a avid fan since. Click the link below to find the audio.
4.Bok Bok Boiler Room DJ Set ft. Flirta D, Rhimez & MC Shaga 
2nd time featuring Bok Bok, but as the Ruff Sqwad stream was already chosen, this is defiantly my most listened to grime stream after that. A straight old skool set here, all vinyl with grime all star Flirta D and his clique. It can be slightly annoying to some, but the tunes and flow is incomparable. PS. Wait for Riko Dan to make an appearance…
5.RBMA Madrid x Boiler Room – Canblaster b2b DJ Asma 50 min DJ set 
The first time BR venture to madrid and this was one to remember for many reasons. First of all the energy is something else, the mix of french club music, RnB, Grime, Ghetto and everything in-between is seamless and the slightly odd pairing of these 2 b2b is something to behold, with canblaster mixing Asma’s tracks out before they are even in at times.
6.Objekt 40 min Boiler Room DJ Set 
Dark, twisted, techno. Oh and the last track is something else…

7.Lunice Boiler Room London DJ set 
Personally not so much the music in this one, unless you’re craving to get ‘turnt up’, but the showman ship and cooking lesson combined make this a BR that shouldn’t be forgotten.
8.Peter Van Hoesen @ Amsterdam Dance Event,Boiler Room (17.10.12) 
No video for this one, I’m not sure why as other video from the night is available and it was great to watch. However the tracklist is on point, the mixing is fantastic and for the time it was and still is just a generally great mix.

Catch the audio below.

This for alot of people was the first time they had seen the Karenn live show, and boy, it came harder and rawer then the prince of darkness himself Surgeon just before. Also this is i believe the only full live set in the top 10.

At a time just before the acclaimed album released, rustie came threw and destroyed the stream, oh and the dancing from legendary hatman is off the scale.

Any suggestions please do let us know your favourites.


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